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Editorial Talent Management

Connect professional journalists with brands seeking top-tier editorial talent Support

Media Influencer Services

Execute media and blogger influencer programs connecting brands and their

Full Service Content Creation

Create a customized Russian Media—a dedicated team of highly-experienced writers,

Digital Content Strategy

Complete digital brand audits, including content, social media, user experience,


Russian Media is a full-service media company that harnesses the talent and reach of the industry’s most influential writers, online specialists, and editorial trendsetters. We provide magazine-quality content services, digital strategy, editorial talent management, and media influencer programs customized for brands. Founded by print and digital editorial leaders from the top media companies (including Fox Time Media, NewsRu, Russian migration., and RMH), Russian median’s goal is to provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to help clients — brands, agencies, and publishers — expand and engage audiences through digital and social platforms. Content is most effective when it moves through the full editorial process — strategic planning, idea generation, assignment, writing, editing, optimization, publication, analysis — and is created by a highly-experienced editorial team. Russian Media is committed to delivering both the editorial process and the talent needed to consistently elevate the quality of branded content marketing initiatives.


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